How to Maintain a Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle

March 16th, 2024 by

A pre-owned Alfa Romeo can be good-as-new for years, if you properly maintain it. We’d love to help. Our experts at Zeigler Alfa Romeo are outlining a few simple steps you can take to maintain your luxury vehicle.

Review Your Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual holds all the secrets to caring for your vehicle. It will include the ideal maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Plus, it lets you know the best oil type, the appropriate fuel to use, and more.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

That ideal maintenance schedule is more than just a suggestion. If you want to keep your vehicle operating efficiently, it’s imperative that you prioritize maintenance appointments. Depending on your visit, these appointments include:

  • Oil change and filter replacement
  • Fluid top-offs (or replacements)
  • Tire rotation
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Windshield wiper replacement
  • Multi-point inspection

Inspect it Regularly

While your service appointments include professional inspections, it’s also important for you to keep a close eye on your vehicle. Make sure that your fluids stay at the adequate level and watch for low tread or uneven wear on your tires. You also want to keep an eye out for any unusual sounds or smells.

Keep it Clean

Leftover dirt can be abrasive, causing your vehicle’s clear coat to deteriorate. If your vehicle stays dirty for too long, it can lead to rust or even corrosion. It’s equally important to keep your cabin clean to limit mold or even just musty smells. Make sure that your filters are replaced routinely to keep your vehicle parts clean as well.

Service Your Pre-Owned Alfa Romeo Vehicle in Schaumburg, IL

Routine service is arguably the most important step in maintaining your pre-owned Alfa Romeo car or SUV. The trained technicians at Zeigler Alfa Romeo are here to help. Reach out to schedule an appointment today!

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