What’s The Difference between Collision Centers vs Service Centers?

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Car mechanic holding wrench at the car repair service garage

All nearby Alfa Romeo service departments offer the best in auto maintenance and repair. It’s the only place you should go for oil changes, tire service, or warranty claims. But should you visit the service department when you need to fix a ding or scratch on your car’s body?

At Zeigler Alfa Romeo, we want to help you figure out where to go so you can get the help you need without breaking a sweat.

Collision Centers

The main reason you would take your car to a collision center is an accident. If damage has been inflicted in your car’s body that may have caused a big dent that damaged the structure of the chassis or a minor cosmetic scratch that is painful to see every day, you need to go to a collision center.

Our collision center is capable of replacing these damaged parts with the help of highly trained technicians. Damaged parts include deep scratches, dents, and dings. Our trained technicians are also skilled in getting your car a new paint job that matches the original shade of your car.

Service Centers

If your car just needs maintenance or repairs to the engine, you should take it to our service center. Our service center is filled with factory-trained technicians who can perform any repairs in your engine or transmission. These technicians are experts at keeping your car healthy and running in great shape.

We can change your car’s oil quickly, rotate your tires to avoid uneven wear and tear, and even replace your car’s battery. Our mechanics are also experts at brake service, which is important since your brakes are vital in keeping you and your passengers safe.

Our service department also works hand-in-hand with the Alfa Romeo parts department. The parts technicians at our Alfa Romeo Chicago dealership can help you find the perfect part that’s built specifically your car’s model. That means you’re not getting a part that may not function at the same rate, which can cause more damage to the mechanics of your vehicle.

Schedule Service Today

Now that you know the difference between a service center and a collision center, you should be able to identify what’s wrong with your car and schedule service at the right center. So next time, when you head out to meet with one of our Alfa Romeo dealers, you’ll know the type of service you want.